A Complete Introduction To Blogging In US

Welcome to today’s edition on blogging and everything concerning the term ‘blogging’ you ought to know in the world of dotcomology.

You’ve heard people saying it all round, blogging!, blogging!!, blogging!!! and I may ask, what then is the term, blogging?

Are you interested to become a blogger and everything concerning it or know anyone who wants choose the career-path in becoming a blogger from scratch?

Then I think this is the perfect time time for you to take your time to read through this article without skipping any part.

Take you time and follow this guide on A Complete Introduction To Blogging In US at ease.

Making a decision on starting a blog can be a frightening for one especially when you’re not all that a tech enthusiastic personality. Bet me, believe it or not, that is true.
There are a lot of people out there, that you can ask this simple question like, ‘I want to start blogging and can you teach me?’

Well, the only answer that person might give you if only he is a blogger and web developer is that, how much is your budget or how BiG is your budget for me to get your blog designed for you.

Talking to them on you becoming a blogger, the only answer they can give you is that they rather want to design your blog for you then you continue with your blog by writing the articles yourself without educating you on how to choose the right topic that you can write about and write it well.

Wayback when I began my journey in blogging, I wished I could get someone to teach me more about blogging. Starting from what domain and hosting is, domain mapping and the rest.

Google as a search engine has never sleep or rest from my sleepless nights or moments as I have been on its server. Googling for anything related to the word blogging will be a new content of which I need to open its chapters.

The fact is, all these while that I have been making these researches and filtering out those unwanted information as chaffs, this is the time I need to bring you the filtered-original ones to help you save your time, energy and money as bundle matters.

For one to become a blogger or choosing a career in blogging, it requires that as a beginner, you ought to know some of these simple questions and making queries on these alone on Google search can help you develop all the mentality and save time to master in the art of blogging.

  • What is a blog, blogging and a blogger?
  • What are the blogging platforms available and recommended for you
  • Why starting a blog?
  • Making decision on what your blog will be about (Niche)
  • Things needed to start a blog; domain, hosting?
  • Setting Up and customizing your blog
  • Writing your blog post based on your interest
  • Submitting your blog to Search Engines and Social Bookmarking sites for traffic
  • Managing your blog
  • Making Money on the go!

ICT Crunch is preparing a full guide on how to start a blog in the US, how to become a blogger, and how to make money online as a blog owner.

These are some of the things that I wish to bring you for now and hope to bring you more about blogging and how you can create one on easy way.

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