How To Create A Professional Resume Online – Complete Guide in 2022

Creating a free professional resume via the internet is not all that easy as a staff at ICT Crunch tried the other time to create his and it wasn’t an easy nor simple task as you may assume and such is why we tried to write to you as our proud and loyal follower on some of the easy steps to follow and create a free professional resume online via some websites.

There are several websites that are available over the internet for job seekers to create their resume but in terms of well-tested and confirmed websites for doing this the simplest way, the below 5 listed are what we can recommend for you from the desk of ICT Crunch as Official technology publishing website that comes with interesting facts and awesome information on technology.

Beating the race for getting your professional dream job isn’t an easy task at all. A good looking Resume/CV is indispensable along with the guidance of experienced personalities, especially if this is your first ever professional job application.

Sometimes, the first step involved in a job interview process is by getting your Resume in-front of a experts and making the visual formatting of the document you submitted the second step.

You might be experienced in a particular skill that can help you get a job of your dream, but the first needed thing is to take a critical look at the advanced ways of preparing a good-looking Resume/CV as a document to match and fit the job description you have the skills for.

Today on, our motive is to make this simple and easier for you by listing to you some of the best 5 websites to visit for creating awesome Resumes/CVs that fit your dream job.


CV Maker is an online portal to help you prepare and create a professional-based resumes, CV and bio-data via the internet for free, within some minutes by filling your details and generate your beautiful PDF and HTML resumes. With CV Maker.


This resume website helps you prepare a one page Resume/CV for your job. Novoresume enables you to see a preview of your resume in the process of filling your personal data, making it simple to have the overall outlook all the time on the website. Guides and inspiration are given to CV/Resume builders to follow and create a catchy ever Resume/CV while writing your content


This platform boasts itself of becoming one of the simplest, easy-to-use resume creators, and it certainly lives up to its reputation. There’s no need to submit your email address or any sign up before creating your resume in a simple PDF but signing up with your email and password helps you access a number of additional features that includes; the ability to select from one of handful and nice-looking resume templates, save and edit it perfectly. SlashCV allows you to also link and save your resume directly to your Dropbox account making it easy for sharing.


One of the cleanest and user friendly option for creating resume/CV ever on the web. With a well resume/CV created on this platform, it is allowed to connect to LinkedIn and existing file import, also gives you hosting freely for you to host your resume that includes some of the personally branded hosting option for premium members.


The CV/Resume builder helps you create your professional CV with 5 minutes for free, having the authorized access of what to do with it. Printing directly from the web is another thing you can do after saving your professional CV from a selected template.

These are the steps on How To Create A Professional Resume Online – Complete Guide in 2022

I believe you might know a lot of website as platforms for creating or building Resume/CV but these are the confirmed and tested ones we can declare for now and you may drop your suggestion in the comment box if you have any in mind you would love to share with ICT Crunch as a technology publishing website.

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