How To Delete Your Cash App Account

Many people are fed up with using Cash App for their money transfer transactions, but we are here with this article on how you can possibly delete your account safely.

There can be instances you have downloaded new app, as alternative app to Cash App and would like to delete the app and have enough storage space on your phone. I know it will be too difficult for you to do, and such is why we have this useful article guide on how to delete your Cash App account anywhere you are in the United States of America (USA).

What To Do Before Deleting Your Cash App Account

If you are willing to delete your Cash App account without knowing how to go about that, kindly take note of some of the things you will need to do and make sure your money is on a safer side.

You would need to follow the explained guide to make sure you don’t disrupt any of your finances — since you cannot undo deleting your Cash App account anymore.

Before, you should make sure that you transfer all the money in your Cash App account back to yourself or send it to somebody you have a solid trust in. There is possibility that you can withdraw money in Cash App back to yourself by tapping the Cash Out button below your balance easily.

You would need to empty your Cash App account before deleting your Cash App account since you may not get back your money if you leave money in your account when you delete Cash App account.

Despite transferring money from your Cash App account to someone else you trust, you should also make sure that you remove your Cash App card from any online sites, provided you have a card linked. Doing this will stop you from trying to use a card that won’t work anymore, and will also prevent you from having problems when paying for subscriptions.

How to Delete Your Cash App Account

After following what to do before deleting your Cash App account and unlinking your Visa/Debit or Mastercard, you can now delete your Cash App account safely. Before you delete the app, you need to have your account deleted first, otherwise, you’ll still have an account with Cash App.

  • Open Cash App on your device.
  • Tap the Account Menu button, which has the avatar glyph.
  • On the menu, tap Support.
  • Scroll down and tap on Something Else.
  • Tap on Account Settings.
  • Tap Close Account.
  • Tap on Confirm as well when asked, you’ll need to send the support team the last four digits of your linked card for this.

Check the visual steps on how to delete your Cash App account.

After complying to the information and steps given above, you shall receive a confirmation via e-mail or SMS about your Cash App account being deleted. Hence, you are free to delete the application from your smartphone after confirming the notice either email or SMS.

What To Do After Deleting Your Cash Account

After deleting your Cash App account successfully on your device, try to look for, download and install any kind of alternative money transfer app to use for all transfers. If you feel like not using a money transfer app on your device, the best way to make transaction by transferring money is to give it to a friend to do that for you.

How do I permanently delete my Cash App account?

Within that list, you will see an option called “account settings.” When you press that, you’ll move on to the account settings page. Once on the account settings page, you can delete your Cash App account by pressing “close account” and then choosing “close my Cash App account.”

Why can’t I delete my Cash App account?

How to Delete Your Cash App Account. Deleting the Cash App mobile app won’t delete your Cash App account. You need to delete the account using the app first. But, before you can do this, you need to make sure you’ve transferred all funds out of your account.

Can you delete Cash App account and make a new one?

Can You Delete Cash App and Make a New One? If you would like to create a new Cash App after deleting your old one, you will be able to do so at any time. You can even use the same email address, phone number, and bank account.

Why would Cash App close your account?

Cash App can close your account based on Identity Verification, and this is what you need to read and understand below.

You can violate Cash App’s terms of service if you give out incorrect details and your verification went through. When Cash App determines that the details you provided don’t match the details the government has, this could lead to the closure of your account.

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