Ten Top-Ranking Tools for Teachers to Effect Remote Learning

In today’s technological world we live, before you can learn from the comfort of your room, you would need digital tools despite having a secure internet connection and appropriate devices. To be able to gather facts like homework help you can get it for insightful tips in doing your homework. However, this involves an online classroom of which you would need a special education software products. These tools can help promote learning from anywhere you are, and at any point in time you are connected to the internet. 

In all, I would like to ask you that — what digital tools exist out there that teachers can effectively use in effecting remote learning today?

These are the list of Ten Top-Ranking Tools for Teachers to Effect Remote Learning

Google Classroom

If you are looking for the best tools that are recommended for teachers today, look more into the Google Classroom as the Ten Top-Ranking Tools for Teachers to Effect Remote Learning.

The Google Classroom comes with a free digital tool having various features for educators, that is mostly recommended for teachers at the K-12 level. Today, the Google Classroom works on the same tech that google gives to all businesses and consumers when it comes to the office suite (paperless.) The Google Classroom allows you to share all your documents with your students on an integrated platform where you can google docs, email, and many other products.

Pear Deck

The Pear Deck is yet another Tool as part of tools that are recommended for Teachers to Effect Remote Learning.

Pear Deck is another effective remote learning tool that comes with an interactive platform of which you can use to host slide presentations, and many things. Moreover, you can use Pear Deck to assess any number of slides besides giving your students endless options when accessing your slide. Pear Deck is available in two packages where you can enjoy the basic version for free and the premium version costs some money. Pear Deck currently has open access for schools and teachers though.


If you are looking for one of the best Tools for Teachers to Effect Remote Learning, you can consider blackboard today.

The Blackboard is another recommended tool that already provide to an enormous proportion of the college teachers out there in terms of giving assignments and tools for grading them. Today, Blackboard has continued to expand its wings to satisfy the needs of students from high schools and elementary schools. A teacher has to sign up for a free trial or paid plan before enjoying from the features of Blackboard.


I have been checking, browsing and surfing the entire website pages of Coursera each and everyday. The platform has everything you need and can be the best recommended as Tools for Teachers to Effect Remote Learning.

Coursera can become a one of the effective tool for high school students or high school graduates and waiting to join college and University. Coursera provides online courses on a string of courses that are facilitated by industry leaders and professors. Such courses often involve materials on difficult topics, Coursera can also give you a certificate at the end of the course you will partake. If you do not understand this, there are also free courses you can partake on Coursera and earn a certificate without making any payment.


Canvas is another popular tool online for teachers to Effect Remote Learning in today’s evolving technology world.

Canvas is one effective platform for teachers to be able to manage the activities of students with a substantial proportion of higher education communities. Today, Canvas has proved to be the best over many applications, since Canvas app allows all parents to be able to check and access the types of assignments that are given to their students despite having metrics that teachers can use to grade students. Canvas application comes free for students and teachers.


I have heard many people making recommendations about Edpuzzle, and I decided to give it a try for the first time.

Edpuzzle allows teachers to make all their lesson videos, and it can include original or sourced videos from websites, like YouTube, Khan Academy, Udemy and more. Further, it allows you to add comments and questions to your students.

Khan Academy

The internet is the biggest University ever. Many websites are noted to be the best classrooms ever, from the internet as the best University. Khan Academy is yet another classroom of the internet you can learn anything online conveniently.

Just like many other free University across the internet, The Khan Academy is yet another free and a non-profitable platform that gives the full complement of education and learning materials to students and teachers from elementary to tertiary the levels. Khan Academy learning materials and grading system has a standard of top educational institutions world over.


If you are making the consideration for any tool for Teachers to Effect Remote Learning today, check out for Edmondo.

To do away with any stress, Edmondo as educational platform converges all the exhausting duties instructors have to deal with daily. Edmondo allows you to perform certain duties such as sending messages, sharing assignments, creating quizzes, tracking grade, and many others.


Socrative is yet another platform to mention today, on the internet. Socrative allows teachers to be able to track the academic progress of students via a simplified process of seeking feedback easily.


As a teacher, you might be thinking if there is any app that can be used for effective remote learning, and Loom can be the best to mention. Loom is one of the simple applications out there that can be helpful for classroom presentations, regularly and also carry out screen captures. Loom allows you to check everyone who has watched a video you submitted.


Teachers now have many tools to use for effective remote learning in today’s evolving technological world.

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